NorthCountry Distributors

Cadence Building, Redwood, New York 13679, USA
Tel: +1 315-287-2852 :: Fax: +1 315-287-2860

Shipping and Order info.


You can make orders via our online system or, phone, fax, email or mail, whichever works best for you.

If you want a certain number of items to be shipped, please be sure to include alternates.

If you want a certain number of a particular item, please note so for those items. i.e. "Ordered 10 copies of CIMP375, do not ship if you do not have at least 5 copies."

On orders that total less than 20 items we reserve the right to charge a $5 service fee.

When your order is shipped, an email copy of your receipt will be sent out. If you order is shipped via UPS, you will also, at some point, get tracking information from UPS.

Returns. There is a return allowance of 10% of the past 6 months' purchases. For example: purchase $6,000 worth of product in the past 6 months running and you can return $600 worth of product.

Returns should be sorted by the original invoice number of purchase. Band together all items from a single invoice. Returns without invoice numbers will be assessed a 5% service fee.

Defective product: note the problem with the product.

Returns should be items that we distribute. You can consult the online search system or catalogs to see if we currently distribute the product. Note: Distributed labels can change overnight as often there are labels that give us short notice of changes or whose business practices are such that we drop them. Items no longer distributed may be accommodated by us in some way or returned back to you.

Credit will be calculated and posted to your account ASAP and will be used against any future or past invoices.

Accounts that have been inactive for 6 months will be made inactive: web access will be revoked and you will no longer receive the monthly New Release Sheets.